We Will Buy Your As Is Where Is House in Christchurch

  • Get An Instant Cash Offer Within 24 hours
  • Any House, Any Condition, Any Situation
  • Save Over $10,000 With No Agent Fees
  • We Make it Easy, Friendly, and Stress Free

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Why Choose Us

We are in the business of buying "as is, where is" houses. Through our expertise, we can now accurately evaluate and cost all "as is, where is" properties. We will evaluate the individual complexities specific to your home, work out the cost of repairs, and then offer you a fair price.

Unlike other less experienced buyers who don't know how to properly quantify or estimate costs, we don't have to factor in unknown costs, and in turn, we don't drop our offer price to allow for this.

This means that you get a well-considered price from our appraisal, and potentially a much better offer.

When using our services you won't have to wait months to get your money, we can settle with you within 14 days of the sales and purchase contract becoming unconditional.

This makes our service fast when compared to using Real Estate agents, their process of listing, advertising, open homes, contract negotiating and then finally settlement could take up to six months before you see the money in your bank account, less their commission and advertising costs. Ultimately you may end up with less money and a longer waiting period when using a Real Estate agent.

You've already waited long enough to get your claim settled, why wait any longer? Contact us today!

What We Do

We will go through all the scope of work, product engineering reports and builder reports. We organise all the builders and tradespeople to get the house up to insurable level.

We then go through the process of sorting out all the EQC issues, and get them all signed off. Once signed off, we can go through insurance companies to get the residence insured.

Once insured, it will finally be to a level where it is ready for the market.

Learning all these processes has not been easy, and we can understand why people don't want to go through all that, after everything else they have already been through. We now have enough experience and system in process that we can make it all happen without too much pain.